Drools - The Business Logic integration Platform

The Business Logic integration Platform provides a unified and integrated platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing. It's been designed from the ground up so that each aspect is a first class citizen, with no compromises.

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Drools and jBPM consist out of several projects:

Drools Guvnor (Business Rules Manager)
Drools Expert (rule engine)
jBPM 5jBPM 5 (process/workflow)
Drools Fusion (event processing/temporal reasoning)
OptaPlanner (automated planning)

These projects have community releases from JBoss.org that come without support. Community releases focus on fast paced innovation to give you the latest and greatest, with releases every few months that include both features and fixes. JBoss BRMS is our enterprise product from JBoss.com for mission critical releases, with a multi year commitment for backport of fixes, based off a sanitised community release of Drools. A range of support packages are available including up to mission critical 24/7, as well as training and consultancy via our Global Professional Services unit. Email sales@jboss.com for more details.

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London (May 26th) Drools & jBPM community contributor meeting
May 22, 2014 7:28 AM
London, Chiswick, May 26th to May 30thDuring next week a large percentage of the Drools team, some of the jBPM team and some community members will be…
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The best Java IDE

EJ-Technologies provide licenses for JProfiler for free, for the JBoss Drools project.

The best Java IDE

JetBrains has donated an IntelliJ license for use on open source Drools projects.

The best Java IDE

Syncro Soft has donated an OxygenXML license for use on open source Drools projects.