Use the correct issue tracker

The are 2 issue trackers:

Do not hesistate to create a new issue if you have found a bug in the latest release.

Issue guidelines

We have a couple of guidelines for our issues. Please take note of them:

  • Clear issue title: Don't make us open the issue to understand what you want
  • Context first in title: Include and start with the context first in the issue title
  • Include any information we need to reproduce the issue
  • Verify with the latest release that it still exists

Get my issue fixed sooner

To help us your issue fixed sooner rather than later, you can do some of the work already: fork our code on github and do these changes on it

  1. Create a testcase to prove the bug or test the new feature.
  2. Fix the code
  3. Update the documentation sources (if applicable)

Then create a pull request on github for us. We prefer pull requests over patches, but still accept patches too.

If you've done all of the above, feel free to remind us of pull request on IRC or the dev list: we can fix issue with such extensive pull requests relatively fast normally.